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Welcome to the STAFIDE Privacy Policy.

The following privacy policy is integral to understanding the needful terms and conditions of our web usage, user interaction, and other items concerned with your utilization of the STAFIDE website. If you do not agree with any terms of this privacy policy, you must immediately discontinue using STAFIDE websites and its related digital pages. You can also contact us if you seek further clarification on how we collect, utilize, and safeguard data acquired through our websites.
This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines the framework under which STAFIDE collects, utilizes, and shares data obtained from users of our websites and online applications. We hold the privacy of our users in high regard, and we strongly advise you to read and understand this Policy carefully. By using STAFIDE’s website at, associated websites, landing pages, applications, or any other related entities on the web or by any means, you acknowledge your acceptance to adhere to this Policy.

Our user base spans various countries, and in recognition of this diversity, we strive to process all data in alignment with internationally recognized best practices and compliance regulations. We routinely assess our adherence to this Policy, and in the event of a formal complaint, we will make efforts to engage with the complainant to address their concerns. Please be aware that by using our websites (in the capacity of a user browsing the websites), you are granting consent for us to collect and utilize your information as elaborated in this Policy. If you have any reservations about using your data or the contents of this Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Candidates/ Applicants/ Job Candidates/ Job seekers

This group comprises all applicants/ individuals who have applied/ contacted STAFIDE via any of the digital channels, including but not limited to STAFIDE’s website at, associated websites, landing pages, and applications, or any other related entities on the web or by any means, for any position/information that STAFIDE or it’s associated entities (SISAR BV) posts or promotes, including open positions, part-time, temporary, and permanent contracts, as well as freelance work with STAFIDE clients. It also includes those who interact/submit/register to STAFIDE.

Employers/ Clients

This group comprises all employers/ client entities/ recruitment partners and/or similar firms/groups/individuals who have contacted/partnered/requested any of the STAFIDE recruitment services via any of the digital channels, including but not limited to STAFIDE’s website at, associated websites, landing pages, and applications, or any other related entities on the web or by any means, for any position/information that STAFIDE or it’s associated entities (SISAR BV) posts or promotes, including open positions, part-time, temporary, and permanent contracts, as well as freelance work with STAFIDE clients. It also includes those who interact/submit/register to STAFIDE.

Subsidiaries/ Associated Entities/ Related Brands

This group comprises/ represents the parent firm of STAFIDE BV, The SISAR BV, or its associated entities.

Whose personal data is processed?

• Please provide the requested information to ensure we can offer professional advice during consultations regarding job vacancies and our hiring services.
• You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and currency of the personal information you submit to us.
• You bear responsibility for any third-party information obtained, published, or shared through the websites. You consent to use or share this third-party data only with the third party’s consent.

How do we collect your data?

Data Collected in this Policy, we distinguish between ‘personal data’ (data necessary for the hiring process) and ‘non-personal data’ (data related to website usage and de-identified information extracted from the websites for analysis). We gather personal and non-personal data through our websites and from third parties, either automatically or when you provide this information when making inquiries, signing up for our newsletter, or during the consultation phase with one of our representatives to enhance the information we provide.

Personal Data

• We collect and store the personal information you may provide through our websites when applying for a job, updating your information, or using our services by sharing your public profile.
• Additionally, we gather and store information about your travel itinerary, travel preferences, and details of those traveling with you. This information may come from your communications, surveys, and other data.

Non-Personal Data

• In addition to personal data, we store non-personal data that cannot identify our users. This includes de-identified data concerning website usage.

• We utilize cookies and similar tracking tools to identify website users and remember their preferences. This is done to enhance the user experience, provide better services, and for online marketing/advertising of our services.



     ·   The information on the website is the responsibility of STAFIDE. 
·   Except for the Portal(s) and/or Community Network(s) available on the Website, the STAFIDE Website is open to the public and reachable from anywhere globally. 
·   STAFIDE is free to access (bounded by Privacy policy) without providing any personal information. 

References and links 

There are references and/or links that are redirected to one or more third-party websites on the STAFIDE website. Regarding how these third parties handle privacy laws, STAFIDE bears no liability or responsibility. To understand how these third parties manage your Personal Data, STAFIDE advises you to review the privacy policies posted on their websites/ digital pages. 


Use log files 

The Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the date and time of your website access, the URL of the website that referred you to the STAFIDE website, the IP address of your Internet service provider, your operating system, the sections, content, and pages of the website that you have visited and/or viewed, as well as any material that you forward or download from the website, are just a few of the non-identifying details that are automatically collected by the STAFIDE website. The Website and Services of STAFIDE are managed and optimized using this technological data. Furthermore, historical, statistical, or scientific goals may be served by this data. Technical data that has been stored may be shared with 



1. General information about our Cookie Policy  
Our goal is to make your visit to our site as enjoyable as possible. We also make an effort to provide information specific to your surfing preferences. Among other things, we use cookies for this. 

2. What are cookies?  
A cookie is a small code placed in your web browser by a visited website. Cookies help websites remember information about your visit and make the website and the advertisements you encounter while browsing more relevant to you. 
3. What are cookies used for?  
Below, we provide additional details on cookies to clarify their purpose and usage

Technical Cookies and Cookies serving Aggregated Statistical Purposes:  

1. Activity Necessary for the Service Functioning: Our websites use cookies to save your session and perform other essential functions for website operations.  
2. Activity Relating to Preferences, Optimization, and Statistics: We use cookies to store browsing preferences and optimize the browsing experience. 
4. How can I manage the installation of cookies?   
You can manage your cookie preferences directly within your browser, preventing websites from installing them. Your browser preferences also allow you to delete previously installed cookies. Please note that disabling all cookies may compromise website functionality. You can find information on managing cookies in your browser via the following links: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  

For third-party cookies, you can exercise your right to opt out of their tracking activities by referring to the information provided in the respective third party’s privacy policy on their website, clicking the provided opt-out link (if available), or contacting the third party.  
           If you wish to gain a deeper understanding of behavioral advertising and cookies, the website “Your Online Choices” is a valuable resource, especially for users residing in the European Union. This service offers guidance on selecting your tracking preferences for most advertising tools.  

Given the relative complexity associated with identifying technologies based on cookies and their close integration with internet operations, we encourage you to contact us for further information regarding cookie usage and any potential third-party use of cookies on our websites.  
Data Retention  

For further details on data retention, please get in touch with us.  
Data Records  

If you wish to examine and review your records, you can request our contact page. Access requests will be addressed within 45 days, although specific records may be exempted from disclosure (in accordance with the law and our confidentiality agreements with third parties). Additionally, you can request corrections to records that you believe are inaccurate, misleading, or infringe upon your rights.  
Legal Action  

We may use your personal data for legal purposes as reasonably determined by us, either in court or during the preliminary stages of potential legal action. You acknowledge that we may also be obliged to disclose your data upon the request of public authorities.  

Additional Information about Personal Data  

In addition to the details provided in this Policy, we may furnish you with further contextual information regarding specific services or collecting and processing personal data upon request.  
System Logs and Maintenance  

For operation and maintenance, our websites and any third-party services may collect files that record interactions with the websites (System Logs) or utilize other personal data, such as IP Addresses, for this purpose.  
The rights of Users 
You have the right to be informed about the personal data being stored and processed and the categories of recipients with whom it may be shared. You can contact us to obtain information about the content and origin of this personal data, verify its accuracy, request supplementation, cancellation, updating, or correction of the data, or ask for its transformation into an anonymous format or the blocking of data held in violation of the law. Furthermore, you can object to processing your data for legitimate reasons. Please send your requests to us at or through our contact page.  

Our websites currently do not support “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) requests. DNT is a feature offered by some browsers that, when enabled, signals websites to refrain from tracking your browsing activities, including by third-party ad networks, social networks, and analytics companies. Please consult their respective privacy policies to ascertain whether any third-party services linked to our website honor DNT requests.  
Changes to this Policy  

We periodically review our privacy practices and reserve the right to modify this Policy anytime. Any changes will be notified through a website feature or email. We encourage you to review the policy contents whenever you have new privacy-related questions and to take note of the date of the last modification indicated at the bottom of the Policy. If you disagree with any policy changes, you must discontinue using the websites and request the deletion of your data. Unless otherwise stated, the current Policy applies to all the data we maintain. 



If you have any questions or comments about this Policy, please use the Contact Us feature on our website or email us at
The data controller responsible for this Policy is STAFIDE BV, a company incorporated in The Netherlands registered at Burgemeester Haspelslaan 61, 1181NB, Amstelveen. 
The relevant data controller is responsible for making decisions regarding the purposes and methods of data processing as outlined in this Policy.